All photography taken by D.Folland

Here at Woodchip NRG we take great pride in producing quality force dried woodchip for Biomass boilers.


Our services

Premium dried woodchip, chipped and dried on site using our purpose built drying floors using heat provided by our own woodchip boilers. Our Lindner & Sommerauer biomass boilers are 250kW each - there are four boilers on site, which gives us a massive 1mW of power allowing us to dry large quantities of chip in a short period of time, a floor usually taking just 24 hours!

Delivered to you at a time to suit, even at the weekends, either in our own trailer which carries up to 32 cubic meters or by walking floor artic lorry which would deliver () cubic meters to your store. We can deliver at short notice as we able to dry chip quickly and have stock available in our storage facility, which is located next to the drying floors. 

We are dedicated to providing high quality chip and service at a competitive price, we are more than happy to quote and price match where necessary.  We will not tie you in to any sort of contract as we believe that you will be so impressed with our service, you will keep coming back!

What We've Achieved

We have secured the future for our Family Farm

  • Diversified our farming venture
  • Making greater use of our facilities
  • BSL Registered 0312808
  • Independently tested chip